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september 2021 - Horse Girl

short film, 35mm, 11’04”, color, English

A short story on how parental temperament can affect a child’s perception of the space around them. Evangeline sees her life in the vast country and the image of her horse differently once a rupture between her mom and dad is formed.

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august 2021 - Roadkill by Squirrel Flower

music video, super 8 & 16mm, 3’46”, color & b&w

full video here

may 2021 - Flames & Flat Tires by Squirrel Flower

music video, mini DV, 2’51”, color

full video here

may 2021 - Blue by Adelaide

music video, digital & super 8, 2’34”, color

full video here

november 2020 - Good Girls (Don’y Get Used) by Beach Bunny

music video, digital, 3’46”, color

full video here

may 2020 - Dois Estágios

short documentary, s16mm, 17’36”, color, Portuguese/English


a documentary that explores the beginning and end of a bloodline. starting in the urban environment of São Paulo city where Lua was raised and ending on her family’s country farm where her grandparents spend their golden years, the film delves into the personal and shared history of her Brazilian family, and the explorations of a longing memory.

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photo of John, DP, and Dirceu, my grandpa, on location in Lins, Brazil

may 2020 - discontent

short film, digital, 17’49”, color, English

my thesis film from Columbia College Chicago