coming soon - Where’s South?

narrative, s16mm & 35mm, 14’31”, color, Portuguese/English

Amidst strange encounters in her life and work, Helena, a Brazilian filmmaker living in Chicago, is struck by a compelling obvious question: Where’s south?

November 2023 - Touch of Recession

experimental/movement art, super-8mm, 7’8”, b&w, English

A movement film comprised of three acts, where each dancer choreographs a piece dedicated to a part of their body that they’ve neglected or overlooked. The title ‘Touch of Recession’ interprets the Portuguese translation of the word ‘curfew’ (toque de recolher). The text in the film studies the embodiment of restriction, regulation and impediment. The visual language is crafted from hand-processed super-8 film, and the score features a modular synth composition by Kari Watson, performed in a quadraphonic speaer array at the Bond Chapel in Chicago, Illinois.

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august 2023 - Cherry Dream by Adelaide

music video, super 16mm, 3’58”, color

full video here

july 2023 - When A Plant Is Dying by Squirrel Flower

music video, mini DV, 4’26”, color

full video here

July 2023 - Full Time Job by Squirrel Flower

music video, mini DV, 2’05”, color

full video here